Connecting the Dots with Malita the Mogul

photo by Dalena Nguyen

This past Sunday, Level Up Atlanta hosted the second installment of Connecting the Dots, a conversation series designed to push and promote education within the creative community in Atlanta, featuring Malita The Mogul moderated by Ashley Vance. Attendees were able to connect with other forward thinkers during the event all the while savoring an open bar, enjoying the photo booth and listen to the smooth vibes provided by The Dapper DJ, DJ John J.

Connecting the Dots serves as an informative space for the creative community of Atlanta to be educated through storytelling. Purposed as a platform for individuals to provide insight from real life experiences, the overall vision is to create a working community to transcend Atlanta to the next level.

photo by Elias Zamudio

An icebreaker, a few drinks and some conversations later, the exceptional Jill of all Trades, Malita the Mogul, took the stage alongside the evening's host and moderator Ashley Vance. Malita, the Baltimore native and former Clark Atlanta University panther, serves as manager for special talents such as OG Parker, Deko, Malik Golar, and more. Her talents are not limited to managing artists as she is also the Creator of Mogul Mentality and is established in entertainment entrepreneurship, marketing, branding and casting.

photo by Elias Zamudio

Ashley Vance, a music journalist who has contributed to media brands such as Saint Heron, Rolling Out, Karen Civil and The Source, guided the conversation from "a to z" touching on a range of topics. While getting candid with Malita, we had the pleasure of capturing some of the highlights from the conversation as

Read below to check out some of the conversations best moments covering Malita's experiences on her journey and in the entertainment industry:

"You’ve came a long way moving from Baltimore and attending Clark Atlanta. What has that journey been like to getting to where you are today? How has your different experiences shaped your career?"

Malita: My journey has been a rollercoaster to be honest. Every day is not a good day, and everyday isn’t a bad day but everyday is a day to change the way I think and change the way I move. My experiences have defined me by just helping me to get to the next level and to keep pushing because at the end of the day most people who have gone through what I’ve gone through have given up and I haven’t.

"Before starting out on your journey, did you ever pre-define what success could mean for you? What did (or didn’t) setting goals have to do with your accomplishments?"

Malita: Yes, I thought success was money and cars, and just being popular in a sense. I feel like that’s what a lot of people chase, and then when you get all those things you realize that’s not what success is. Success is being able to bring up other people and help them accomplish their dreams, not just yours. It’s not about you.

photo by Dalena Nguyen

"Did you ever find it necessary to play gatekeeper when it comes to your personal energy?"

Malita: Yes, I cut people off all the time. No problem, Bye. We work in a stressful environment; everyone wants to be in the entertainment industry as we all know, so once you’re in it you’re trying to stay in it. So therefore, you’re going to have people around you who just want to eat off of you, you’re going to have people around you who just want to gain popularity or whatever the case may be.

"When it comes to maintaining a certain atmosphere as a business person, how have you managed to make sure everything and everyone around you are on the same accord?"

Malita: I do that by paying my Netflix bill every month because it keeps grounded. When I get angry I just go watch Netflix. But on a serious note, me and my friends have the deepest conversations, like the ones that make you want to cry. Like I said, I believe in them as much as they believe in themselves, if not more, and I’m never going to let anyone around me fail. So yes, I kick them when they’re down a little bit but I’m also going to pick them back up.

photos by Dalena Nguyen

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