DJ Marc B is pushing the importance of DJ's in music

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Photo by Chris House | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

DJ Marc B has built a name for himself in a short amount of time since he made his way to Atlanta from Augusta. Level Up Atlanta got a chance to catch up with him on his off day while touring with 21 Savage as they make way across the country alongside Post Malone.

From clubs to concerts, shows to tours, to festivals and producing music DJ Marc B is one of the youngest to make the footprint he has. It turns out Marc was inspired to be a disc jockey from throwing legendary parties back home in Augusta, many of which were at his mom's house without her knowledge, and yes he did get caught.

"I think my big break was being raised right"

A man of hard work and patience, Marc B quickly built a name for himself in the city by carving out a lane through Georgia State University where he attended school. At that time college parties in the city we hot and Marc was spinning just about all of them. Marc was on Opera, Quad, Mansion Elan, Lacura, and hitting an out of town gig all at once.

I know this because I used to go with him on some of these adventures. When I asked him how does he think it all came about he told me "patience and perfecting your craft." I remember the days we would go to Marc's crib for a small social gathering when he really just was practicing new mix ideas and blending songs to see if people liked it. Seems like that was just yesterday.

Photo by Chris House | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

Marc B had been killing it for some time now but I think everyone outside of his audience, at the time, took notice when he started to break 21 Savage in Atlanta, who at the time was up and coming. Marc B has always been one to gravitate to originality. Which is why I think people in turn gravitate towards him.

Marc wasn't really doing anything different when the big opportunities came. He was just getting better each day and letting the universe do its thing if you ask him. Well I did ask, "I think my big break was being raised right. I did the clubs, mixtapes, concerts, festivals and tours but when you are just being you and people fit in the right situation everything comes together" he says.

"I was ready when it finally came for me to showcase who I was and what I could do"

Marc B has emerging as a producer as of late, but has been practicing for about three years now. As a true lover of music he wanted to continue to challenge himself and be at the controls of how people engagement with music. I guess no better way than to be making it himself. "I really love music and saw producing as an opportunity to advance my knowledge, challenge myself and motivation" as he states it.

Marc often puts out social media post searching for more talented and hungry artist to work with. For those who might be interested I'll happily share what he is looking for in those artist in his direct words. "The top things I look for are do I like the song, originality, and can they do it again."

Read below to check out some of the top moments from our interview with DJ Marc B:

What was it like coming from Augusta to Atlanta? Was it hard to adjust?

DJ Marc B: It was really different because I didn’t really know anyone in Atlanta. I had a few classmates but no family or close friends honestly. It was a whole new experience. It wasn’t hard to adjust because I’m an open person and I like to network, feel people out and I don’t need to hang around a lot of people. I wasn’t looking to befriend the whole world.

When did you start to DJ and where did that interest come from?

DJ Marc B: I started to DJ my junior year of high school and I’d say that interest came from me throwing a lot of crazy house parties when my mom wasn’t in town. We would call the whole school up and get the cops called and all that. We would do it because back in the day no one was about to pay for a party so we was throwing them on the strength.

My mom did catch me a few times but we are legendary in Augusta and probably threw 100 house parties [no lie]. One week we threw a party every single day. It was like Marc B Monday, Titty Tuesday, all that man. My mom had actually walked in on one of my parties when I thought she had left town. I really liked music and I started hearing more things in the music like instruments, vocals, Mary J Blidge to Migos and R&B to Trap. It really was just for fun.

Photo by Chris House | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

What would you say was your big break?

DJ Marc B: I honestly don’t even know. I think my big break was me being raised right. I look at it as not being better than anyone but just me being me. I don’t go out my lane or interfere with anyone else. I keep good energy in the air. I did a lot of clubs, mixtapes festivals, and tours but when you just be you and people fit in the right situation everything just comes together.

I’ve been around a lot and saw a lot so I learned how to move in just about every situation. A lot of this is about patience, not too much patience but enough to know when to chill and get everything together and then apply pressure.

At one point you were DJ'ing like 3-5 parties in the city every week? How did you get to that at such a young age?

DJ Marc B: I think it’s about a passion. A lot of people do things these days, no knock to them, for certain benefits but I put my time and effort into perfecting my craft and building ginuwine relationships with people. I stuided people and took note of what they did right and what they did wrong so I wouldnt make those same mistakes. I figured out who was throwing the parties and got cool with them but not because they were throwing the parties but because I actually rocked with who they were and the business came on its own.

A lot of it is being ready for the opportunities when they come. I was ready when it finally came for me to showcase who I was and what I could actually do. When you put in the time and effort even when you’re not getting the shine you want you have to keep being persistent. I wasn’t satisifed but when I got to one a week I was like how do I get to two, then two turned into three and so fourth.

Photo by Chris House | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

You often put out post about working with more artist, what do you look for in the artist you want to work with?

DJ Marc B: The top things I look for is one being do I like the song(s). Do I want to run it back, play it in my car or tell other people about it. It can be any kind of vibe because I like all kinds of music and I understand that everyone as an artist is different. Another thing is orginality. Everyone isn’t a trapper or robber or this and that. I try to get a feel for what kind of artist they are and if it’s ginuwine.

The last thing would be can they do it again. I’m not looking for somebody who just can make one hit. I’m looking for somebody to work with and who has a style. It’s not about if that one song is the best rather if they are orginal and if they are doing something different. You can make another song in that case but if you’re copying other styles you’re just going with the wave and there’s no telling how long you’re going to last.

You’ve started producing music, what made you want to get into that?

DJ Marc B: I feel that I got as far as I needed to go as a DJ from rocking a club, putting together shows, going on tours and all that. I really love music and saw producing as an opportunity to advance my knowledge, challenge myself and motivation. A lot of people get compliance. I’ve been willing to put in the time and really learn about producing. Most people don’t know I’ve been practicing this for about three years.

Do you think people still break artist?

DJ Marc B: No, I feel like that’s pretty much over with because people don’t want to do it. Things are on a wave with the internet and streaming and there’s no mixtapes so DJ’s are kind of getting cut off now. I don’t see a lot of DJ’s pressing the issue with build with artist but at the same time artist are quick to cut off DJ’s for the slightest thing.

There are still times where it’s like me and Savage where we just rock with each other and work together or like Escoe and Future. I’ve always looked to develop relationships with artist to help develop them. From there y’all can build something of y’all own and double up.

What’s your favorite sneaker in your collection?

DJ Marc B: Oh man...I have a lot of sneakers man. I can’t really just pick one. I have the Trophy room 23’s, the Bel-Air 5’s deadstock, the Doernbecher 8’s but I’d have to say my favorite shoes are my all red 10’s. I just got my childhood shoes, the Laser 5’s. From the new shoes I really like the Off-White Vapormax.

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