Porchia Marie is bridging the gap between everything dope in Atlanta

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Photo by J.Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

Meet Porchia Marie, the founder and CEO of The P.M. Firm, with a passion for discovering and developing new talent. Porchia’s emergence into the music scene began with a move to Atlanta from Arkansas and a transition from sports journalism to learning the ropes of the music industry with some of Atlanta’s hottest influencers.

After obtaining a bachelors in mass communications and broadcast journalism from the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Porchia was extended an invite to visit Atlanta and explore the city’s industry while practicing sports media. With $500, her car and a friend offering a couch and closet space, Porchia relocated to Atlanta three weeks after returning from her initial trip. Despite not having a steady job or living situation, she began to build her reputation in media by interviewing various celebrities at red carpet events under the umbrella of her company, The P.M. Effect.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

"I moved to Atlanta with $500 in my pocket, no job and nowhere to stay...just my car and my clothes"

In hopes to continue establishing her brand, Porchia began interning at Radio One where she met and worked alongside her mentor, Jason Reddick. It was a conversation between the two that established the trajectory of her growing career. Though she moved to Atlanta with the intent to build a career in sports journalism and entertainment, Reddick emphasized that the music industry was calling her name and one year after that conversation, Porchia found herself operating completely in the music sphere.

During the summer of 2016, Porchia began working with Atlanta rapper, Dae Dae. While working with Dae Dae’s team, she had the opportunity to network with many Atlanta creatives and met DJ Holiday. Porchia seized the moment then and there and was given the opportunity to help launch Dj Holiday’s nonprofit, Everyday is a Holiday Foundation.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

Porchia decided to enter the music and artist management field as an individual and created The PM Firm (The Porchia Marie Publication and Management Firm). The PM Firm operates as a business that upcoming talent can enlist for all their management and consulting needs. The objective of the company is to “help each client attain success and longevity in their given area of interest and by molding tenacious and spirited professionals.”

Aside from running her own company, Porchia also works alongside PatchWerk Studios to curate “Cookies and Lemonade”, a weekly online review program that critiques artists’ work via a live stream on Instagram. In a domino effect came the launch of Dope New Artists (DNA), a platform for up-and-coming artists to develop their craft, highlight their music and bring a larger audience to the underground music scene.

"It’s a lot of dope underground talent and I just needed to open my eyes and ears more to the streets."

As of late, Porchia has launched “Dope People Meet”, a series of mixers and networking events for Atlanta creatives. The initiative's first activation was held this past June at the Atlanta ASCAP office. The event was a sold out success and the beginning of a monthly event series to allow all of Atlanta’s industry creatives network across with their peers.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

As the embodiment of tenacity, hard work and confidence, Porchia has carved out a place for herself and her business in the Atlanta music scene. By understanding the importance of dedication and networking, Porchia has been able to make the move to Atlanta perman and worth the while, a new home base for her and her business.

Read below to check out some of the top moments from our interview with Steven "Stevo" Dingle:

Can you give me a background of who you are and how you got started in the industry?

Porchia: I was born in Memphis Tennessee and raised in West Memphis Arkansas. I graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with my bachelors in Mass Communications concentrated in broadcast journalism. I was working some odd jobs in sports, which is the industry I always wanted to be in, and was given offer an opportunity to work in Atlanta. I visited the city and upon my return back home and decided that I’d moved. I moved to Atlanta with $500 in my pocket, no job and nowhere to stay...just my car and my clothes.

I had a colleague that supported my ambition and offered me a closet and futon to sleep on while I got myself grounded and that was my way in. I began doing red carpet events and celebrity interviews off a media platform that I created called The PM Effect. I then transitioned into an internship at Radio One where I meet my mentor Jason Reddick. As I balanced different avenues in my career, I meet Eearz’s management team, while in attempt to get an interview of him, who saw potential in me and I began doing media for them.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

We all took a trip to Los Angeles for BET weekend and while I was there I connected with Dae Dae’s management team and we followed up for a meeting in Atlanta and began working together which eventually led to me doing day to day management. Through that engagement I met DJ Holiday and we ended up working together by way of me helping him launch his nonprofit. That’s pretty much how I got started in the industry.

What do you think was the turning point from your passion towards working in sports and shifting to the music industry?

Porchia: I’ve always been passionate about sports since I was growing up but I’d say the music industry just fell into my lap. Once the opportunity presented itself to work with Ear Drummers I thought that maybe this is God’s plan for me. I use everything as a sign and in that case it went from me trying to get an interview of Earz for my media platform to being on the team and taking a trip to BET and meeting all these dope people and landing a position with Dae Dae’s team and so forth.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

When did you start your platform The PM Firm and can you go a little more into detail about what it is?

Porchia: The P.M Firm is my company that I funnel my talent management and consulting through. I created it in October of 2016. I was inspired to create it while I was working with Dae Dae because I realized that I am really good at management.

Do you have any artist that you are currently working with?

Porchia: Yes, I have 3 artist currently on my roster. Sleepy Knockz who is from Memphis, Tennessee, Lil Rudy who is also from Memphis, Tennessee and iSwear Cartier who is from Alabama.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

You’ve been hosting the “Cookies and Lemonade” show. What exactly is that all about?

Porchia: Cookies and Lemonade is an online review program for musicians to submit their work and we go live every Monday on PatchWerk Studios Instagram and give honest feedback. Every Monday at 8 p.m. EST, myself, a PatchWerk engineer and a guest host critique ten different artists’ songs after they get played for 90 seconds each. In the number ten spot, I have a “DNA of the Week”, which is my “Dope New Artist of the Week”.

I went to the Dope People Meet event that you put on not too long ago, but can you tell me more about that event and how you came up with the idea and the concept of Dope New Artists?

Porchia: DNA [Dope New Artist] is something I came up with when I wanted to put on a showcase, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the showcases in Atlanta are wack and the artists keep performing in front of other artists and the people putting the showcases on aren’t putting the artists in front of anybody and I really didn’t want to do the same thing and waste people’s time.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

I decided to create Dope New Artists and bring it to the Cookies and Lemonade show to highlight new talent in a way that would actually help them. Then I started to think how could I build the brand beyond the show. I decided to provide a platform to help other people connect the dots and that’s when I came up with Dope People Meet. I tried to intertwine it with Dope New Artists and keep them connected to each other. So the event was a mixer for creatives and a place for people to link and network in a dope environment.

What is the overall goal of Dope New Artists and Dope People Meet? What are your career goals in the music industry?

Porchia: The whole purpose of Dope New Artists is to introduce people to new acts. I feel like its so crazy because maybe two years ago, I was so disgusted with up and coming artists and it just wasn’t my thing, but I started to realize when I started working with Sleepy Knockz that it’s a lot of dope underground talent and I just needed to open my eyes and ears more to the streets.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

I just wanted to use my platform to help artists develop their sound, team and whatever else they need. So I want to build an artist from the ground up and say, “yo, I did that, we did that.. We brought an artist with like 1,000 followers and no shows to a superstar.” I just wanna help people grow and develop.

If you could have your dream job in the industry?

Porchia: Well it’s weird because I feel like over the past couple of weeks it’s changed a little bit. Especially after seeing the response to Dope People Meet, I feel like my ideal role has changed and I don’t know how to explain my position in the industry. I know I want to create. I know I can create dope events, no pun intended and I know my platform is going to continue to grow and I know I will be doing festivals and conferences and stuff around Dope People Meet.

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