Music Release Checklist

Releasing music isn’t how it used to be decades agos. The Music Release Checklist is your step-by-step protocol for releasing music in the present day. This tool contains the standard actions that you’re going to want to take, when you need to take them, clickable links to resources and webpages, detailed notes and instructions, and much more. Get prepared for your next release with this easy to follow checklist.

Music Release Checklist

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    - A systematic approach to releasing music

    - What steps to take in chronological order 

    - How to create a release timeline 

    - How to claim your artist profiles on DSP’s

    - How to upgrade to a YouTube Official Artist Channel

    - How to get your own Vevo channel

    - How to merge your YouTube and Vevo channels

    - Best practices for organizing files for pitching & distribution

    - How to make your smartlinks

    - How to get your song lyrics visible to the world

    - Essential for uploading content to DSPs


    - Clickable Links

    - Access on mobile & desktop

    - Lifetime Access

    - Weekly Action Items


    This product is formatted in a viewable excel file.


    Music is ever-evolving, and so is the process of releasing music. From claiming your official artist profiles and registering your works with Performance Rights Organizations to merging your YouTube and Vevo channels and submitting to your distributor, we made the Music Release Checklist as a modern-day guide to the essential steps of releasing music as an independent artist.